The homeless dream of home


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Powerful video

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Slide Show Presentation

The MultiFaith Alliance to End Homelessness has created a slide show presentation to help communities understand issues of housing and homelessness and how they can become involved in being part of the solution.

We hope this will useful to you in your work.

You can also book a speaker from MFATEH who will make this presentation and talk to your group about these issues in more detail.

Close the Housing Gap

HousingGapThe City of Toronto and Toronto Community Housing are working hard to put people first by fixing social housing. And the work is paying off.

By acting on recommendations in Putting People First – Transforming Toronto Community Housing, plans are now in place to generate $156 million in revenue to help pay for capital repairs. And there’s more revenue to come.

Revenue which is being used to repair heating and cooling systems, roofs and elevators in Toronto Community Housing buildings. But there is still a housing gap.

The City and Toronto Community Housing cannot fill the gap on their own. More provincial and federal government funding is required.

More information and campaign resources can be found here.