Let’s advocate

Advocacy means expressing our concern about homelessness in the public forum, and asking for specific long-term solutions.  The faith community is a powerful and effective lobby with federal, provincial and municipal governments.


  • funding to build affordable and supportive housing
  • rent supplements
  • increases in Ontario Works and minimum wage
  • services such as addiction treatment and medical care
  • adequate shelter capacity and standards


  • Write letters and emails to your MP, MPP, or City Councillor expressing your concerns.
  • Make a phone call to your representative. Ask for a specific action or get an answer to a question.
  • Speak out at public and committee meetings at the City of Toronto
  • Meet with your local representative. Include other residents with similar concerns in the meeting.
  • Participate in a government consultation and give your input on a specific issue.
  • Write a short letter to the editor of a newspaper in response to a current news story.
  • Attend community meetings to show support for affordable and supportive housing projects.
  • Counteract NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard) and protect human rights by advocating on a project by project basis.
  • encourage youth groups to learn about homelessness (see free lesson plans at the Homeless Hub)

By using letters, emails, telephone calls and meetings with MPs, MPPs and City Councillors, faith groups can help ensure affordable housing funding and programs remain a priority on the political agenda.  Join our email list to receive a monthly Call to Action.


Compiled and Published by: Homelessness Action Group (www.homelessness.on.ca)

Inspired By: “54 Ways You Can Help the Homeless” By Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff