Let’s build

Faith groups can contribute to a housing fund to provide grants for affordable and supportive housing. Donations could be earmarked through Planned Giving Programs.  Find out from your councillor if there is a housing project being developed in your ward.


  • Speak out in support of zoning initiatives that help housing projects to integrate into communities
  • If an existing shelter is renovating or upgrading, contact them to offer your services and voice your support at community meetings
  • Offer your skills (labour, professional, educational) to a housing initiative such as Habitat for Humanity (416) 755-7353 www.torontohabitat.on.ca
  • Partner with a developer by offsetting a portion of the construction costs of some of the units to create mixed housing with both affordable homes and market-price condominiums. Or condominium units can be purchased and provided to lower-income tenants at affordable rent.
  • Pay for a staff position for a year
  • Buy programming for supportive housing
  • Pay for resource materials
  • Provide office space and administrative support
  • Pay for eviction-prevention services
  • Contribute to programs that find permanent housing for people
  • Match funds for rent banks.


Engage a group, such as your church or employer, in initiating a housing project. Real estate owned by faith groups may also be used to create affordable housing or leveraged to assist in the provision of on-going supports. Ask:

  • Does your group have property to donate?
  • If not, there might be opportunities through the Surplus Federal Real Property for Homelessness Initiative (800) 622-6232
  • Is the City of Toronto’s Affordable Housing Office currently seeking projects to support? www.toronto.ca/affordablehousing
  • Are there opportunities through the Canadian Centre for Public-Private Partnerships in Housing?(416) 250-3288
  • If you are renovating an existing building, there might be opportunities through the CMHC’s Shelter Enhancement Programme or Homeowner Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (800) 704-6488


Compiled and Published by: Homelessness Action Group (www.homelessness.on.ca)

Inspired By: “54 Ways You Can Help the Homeless” By Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff